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Welcome to Doug Scott Cycles. I'm Abi Scott, cyclist, shop manager, and business owner. Here at Doug Scott Cycles we supply high quality bicycles and accessories, and deliver servicing and repairs for people in the Hull and East Yorkshire area.

It's been a while since I've had time to sit down and update this page. Winter is gone, Spring is here, and Summer is just around the corner. Business is good, our customers are happy, and I'm a number of pounds lighter. The nine-month slowly gain-weight, crash lose-weight diet is over, and I have a lovely little boy. I am so glad to be fully mobile again!

As I refresh my memories about the strange noises that small children make, I want to take a moment to ask you to pay attention to the noises your bike makes. There should be no unexplained squeaks, grinds, or groans. These noises shouldn't actually be there at all, even if you know what is causing them. If your bike has started making noises, call and see us as noises are an indication of a (potentially fatal, potentially expensive) problem.

[UPDATE] It also seems that the sun is starting to shine again. That big yellow ball in the sky makes cycling so much more enjoyable. It brings it's own danger, though. Even when the sun isn't glaring down upon us, it is stil putting out enough UV to damage unprotected skin. Don't forget your sunscreen!

Hull Sky Ride 2014: As I type this there has not been notification of a big, traffic-free Sky Ride in Hull this year. This could easily change, so keep an eye on the Sky Ride website. There are plenty of local Sky Rides listed, so have a look and join in if you can.

2014 is a year that may go down in history for UK cycling. Two years ago we won the Tour de France, and then a year ago we did it again. This year it will be starting in Yorkshire. Four years ago we had a great showing at the 19th Commonwealth Games, and this year it's on (almost) home turf, in Glasgow.

101st Tour de France: The world's premier cycle race, the Tour de France, will in 2014 be starting in Yorkshire. Their route will take them through some of our great and historic cities, including York, Leeds, Ripon, and Sheffield. They’ll wind through the glorious Yorkshire Dales National Park into Harrogate before experiencing the dramatic rise and fall of the Pennines. A breathtaking route.

On Sunday 22nd July 2012, God Save the Queen rang out down the Champs-Elysees to celebrate the first win by a British cyclist in the Tour de France. Bradley Wiggins shared the podium with his teammate Christopher Froome who finished in second place. It was fifty years earlier, in 1962, when the first cyclist from the UK wore the yellow jersey for the first time. He was called Tom Simpson, a man who would later be imitated by many other Brits, like Chris Boardman, Sean Yates and David Millar. The first to win two stages, first in 1958 and then in 1959, was Brian Robinson who was from God's own county, Yorkshire.

The Commonwealth Games: The 20th Commonwealth Games will be held this year in Glasgow. There are a large number of cycling events, split into four main cycling groups. The track cycling events will be hosted at the newly built Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow's East End, whilst the Mountain Bike competitions will utilise the purpose built Cathkin Braes Mountain Bike Trails. The Road Race and Time Trial events will utilise public road circuits in Glasgow City Centre and North Lanarkshire respectively, with both starting and finishing at Glasgow Green.

In 2010 the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and N.Ireland, in order of medal ranking) managed 1 gold medal, 7 silver, and 5 bronze medals. We hope they'll do even better this year!

While it's probably true that not many of you will be competing at this sort of level, cycling is a great sport and a better hobby. On road, off road, if you're fit, if you're a couch-potato - it is something we can all enjoy. Call us today on 01482-851134 for all your cycling need. We offer new bikes, essential accessories, non-essential accessories, and servicing for all types of cycles.
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Tiger Ghost (Blue)

Tiger Ghost
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Richard Smith, Our fully-qualified cycle-mechanic

At Doug Scotts we carry out our own servicing and repairs. Richard is our fully-qualified Cytech cycle-mechanic, and has many years of hands-on experience. He assembles, repairs and builds our bicycles.